Our Work in Pictures

    Ridiculously overburdened Donkeys
    Meryl giving harness
    One of the worst cases of mange seen by this Vet -dog euthanased
    Meryl treating a wound
    Meryl Addmore treating donkeys
    Victim of poor transportation methods
    Security Guard dog chained up in makeshift cage whilst off duty
    Stray mother scavenging in rubbish dump
    Untreated growth
    Another new harness being presented
    Bernard presenting a new harness
    Illegal yoke
    Please do not hurt my mom
    A happy satisfied villager
    A little padding would prevent this...
    A new pair of harnesses
    A roll in the dust
    Bull tied down head back
    bull tied down
    Cattle transport
    Chafing wounds
    Chain chafing injury
    Ditto Another dog kept in unacceptable confinement
    Dog-chicken housing
    Donkey harness wound
    Donkey with two broken legs
    Donkey with two broken legs
    Donkey yoke wound
    Pups' first meal after being rescued
    Ear mutilation as identification
    Emaciated pup uplifted for treatment and care
    Female GSD kept closed up in old canopy
    Harness wound on donkey still being worked
    Horse saddle sore
    Horse saddle sore close up
    Inspectors Ndlovu Hood Taka and Chief Inspector Harrison with rescued male pangolin
    Labrador nose wound
    Lion fence
    Dog and Cat Recovery Cages donated by Zambezi Crocodiles
    Dog and Cat Recovery Cages donated by Zambezi Crocodiles
    Dog caught stealing food after eye operation
    Dog caught stealing food was beaten
    Donkey road victim
    Donkey road victim
    Dr Isaac Moyo and Vet Nurse Lovemore
    Emaciated lame dog
    Giraffe Down
    Kitten damaged paw
    Mike Thornes Helicopter
    Pup with Distemper
    Pup with Distemper
    Seven young Barn Owls rescued from Container
    Skinny Dog
    Spay Campaign Chisumba
    Spay Campaign Chisumba
    Thank you from the donkeys