VAWZ (Veterinarians for Animal Welfare in Zimbabwe) UK has been set-up by vets to improve the welfare of animals in Zimbabwe. We care for all animals in need, including wildlife, domestic pets, farm animals and working animals. Our agents in Zimbabwe are on the road all day every day and have treated everything from Rhinos to Goldfish!

Zimbabwe is a wonderful country whose people are warm-hearted and love to laugh. However, as in any environment, there is always someone who will mistreat or abuse an animal. In some cases this is deliberate and orchestrated cruelty and in others it is simple neglect which is purely due to ignorance. VAWZ UK will not only rescue and treat abused animals, but we also educate owners as to how best to care for them so as to prevent these situations from re-occuring in the future.

We aim to teach that a healthy, happy animal will provide many years of service and pleasure to its owner without the need for beatings and punishment. Many of the animals we treat are essential to their owners’ survival as without them the owner cannot earn a living and feed his/her family. In these situations, when we help the animals we are therefore also helping local communities to flourish through the improved health and thus profitability of their working animals. View Our Work.

Everyone working with VAWZ UK is a volunteer and most of our services are and have been kindly donated by generous supporters, including this Website. Therefore almost all of your money goes directly towards helping the animals and NOT in office or administration costs. This is very important to us.

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