Bernard Ndlovu

Bernard was born in Filabusi in Matabeleland South and is married with a daughter. He joined SPCA in 1994 as a kennel hand in Bulawayo and was made an Inspector in 1998 after 12 successful prosecutions for animal cruelty. He became a member of the VAWZ team in 2010.

“It was a difficult job to start with, dealing with the public as I met different people with different attitudes, but with all the support and encouragement from Chief Inspector Harrison, I managed to cope with the public qnd take control of the situations at the scenes. When Mrs Harrison returned in 2010, I was doing education lessons on kindness to animals at the many schools in Bulawayo, I then moved to Harare to join VAWZ. I love my job and it is so interesting to see other parts of Zimbabwe as we cover the whole country. When I was young I had 2 dogs and used to go hunting with them, once I joined the SPCA, I realised that it was an offence to do that and now educate others to be kind to animals.”